Jeremy Frazier: “Rotting Christ comic book is for anyone who likes the band, the occult, horror, action, history, myth or just a good story or two!”

RockOverdose, had the chance to speak with the creator of the first official Rotting Christ comic book, that was published recently. The comic is written by Jeremy Frazier of, artist and longtime fan of Rotting Christ, and drawn by Alfonso Pinedo and Joe P., it has 2 adventures, one Ancient Greek Myth; on a high quality book accompanied with a limited edition T-Shirt and an autograph set! 

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RockOverdose: Hello and welcome to RockOverdose! We are very excited to finally have a comic inspired from Rotting Christ! How did you choose Rotting Christ for this project?


Jeremy Frazier: I was working on another project while listening to Theogonia and I thought it would be great to work on a Rotting Christ story. Once I had something good planned out I just asked for permission.


RockOverdose: What about the stories? How did you chose these two stories? Did the band involved in the final version of the scenario?


Jeremy Frazier: Sakis told me I could do whatever I wanted as long as it stayed true to the band's beliefs/image. The Satanic story was obvious. The Greek Myth was just for fun but Sakis liked the idea so I ran with it.



RockOverdose: I’m sure before the final version, many ideas came up. Do you plan to make more stories for Rotting Christ or any other band?
Jeremy Frazier: I would love to make more but right now I'm working with several metal bands like Graveworm. I'm also working with about 25 industrial bands and have various other projects. If I come up with another story I will write it...just depends on inspiration.



RockOverdose: Are there any other interesting “backstage” stories behind the creation of the comic book you wish to share with us? (e.g. difficulties while creating the comic, inspiration, studying etc)
Jeremy Frazier: The main difficulties usually involve money and me being an unknown creator. Luckily Rotting Christ took a chance on me! I don't have many difficulties with the stories. I get an idea pretty quickly and it flows naturally. As far as studying I mostly needed to read up on Greek Myth and Geography...



RockOverdose: Do you plan to translate it to other languages?

Jeremy Frazier: I would like to but it depends on the kindness of others. I have another book in progress (Synthcore Dreams) that might be translated into German...a band member offered!


RockOverdose: Why there’s this special connection between comics and music, in your opinion?
Jeremy Frazier: You get the awesome album art and hear the stories told in the music...but what happens after that? I want to see more. Bands do make videos but they are can tell a whole album's story in a comic; for a fraction of the cost.



RockOverdose: Do you believe this comic is only for Rotting Christ fans or not? And why should somebody buy it?
Jeremy Frazier: It's for anyone who likes the band, the occult, horror, action, history, myth or just a good story or two.

RockOverdose: Thank you very much for your time!