Lebanon Hanover on RockOverdose: “Some kind of release is gonna come very soon.”

Lebanon Hanover is a special band that has proven to be a major influence in today’s darkwave music scene. In their 14-year history, they are concidered among the contemporary representatives of the genre.

A last-minute addition to the Death Disco Open Air Festival line-up, but by no means a negligible amount, they share with us their latest news.

Read below our friendly chat with Larissa Iceglass.



RockOverdose: Your last album “Sci Fi Sky” came out in 2020. Your longest gap between albums is three years, so I’m guessing there will be another Lebanon Hanover album out later this year. Am I right?


Larissa (Lebanon Hanover): Cannot reveal too much yet but some kind of release is gonna come very soon.


RockOverdose: You’re stepping in as a last minute addition for The Soft Moon, playing in the inaugural Death Disco Athens Open Air Festival. With two weeks left till showtime, are you getting even a bit stressed out about it or is it business as usual?


Larissa (Lebanon Hanover): It was a big surprise for me that they added us at the very last minute but no stress as we have Festival shows before and after.



RockOverdose: Some say that dark wave music and open air shows don’t mesh pretty well. You recently played Primavera and I’m sure you’ve played other open air concerts over the years. From your experience, is there any truth to this?


Larissa (Lebanon Hanover): We played melt Festival last year which was pretty upbeat but once we entered the stage the sun was setting and there was bats flying around the old walls which was pure murky magic.

So in my opinion if you play at sunset in the dark or at the time of the sunrise it can suitable to play an open air.

Not too sure about daytime shows though these were a bit too bright.


RockOverdose: You’ll be sharing the stage with VNV Nation, Ploho, Youth Valley, Sad Lovers & Giants, Selofan, Rue Oberkampf and Kalte Nacht. Apart from Selofan who everybody knows are like family to you, is there any particular band that you’re really excited about playing with or that you are eager to see perform?


Larissa (Lebanon Hanover): I am a massive fan of Sad lovers and really excited to share stage with them again but also curious to see Ploho for the first time.


RockOverdose: I was looking at your tour schedule and you’re pretty much playing everywhere. What’s the strangest or most exotic place you’ve ever played and is there any particular country or city that you haven’t been to and are dying to visit?


Larissa (Lebanon Hanover): Armenia and China were exotic I wish to play more shows in Asia in the future or Africa.


RockOverdose: Ιn September you’re off to Mexico for three shows. I keep hearing about passionate crowds in Central and South America. You’ve obviously visited some of those places, is there some sort of vibrant dark music scene there?


Larissa (Lebanon Hanover): Some of the most intense shows we got to play were Bogota and Mx city. The devotion people have for music is unreal..

Basically you feel like a pop star there.


RockOverdose:  Thank you very much for your time. Looking forward to seeing you play Death Disco Athens Open Air Festival! 



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Dimitris Soursos