MICHAEL SCHENKER on RockOverdose: “SCORPIONS used me as a tool!”



The legentary Michael Schenker, on his recent interview in RockOverdose.gr spoke to Zisis Petkanas about his new solo album  “Immortal”, which marks his 50th anniversary in the music scene.

Among others, he expressed his view on Scorpions that - as he refers characteristically -- they used him as a tool, taking advantage of his young age, 50 years back when they formed the band.

Below you can listen the whole interview, which will be published soon...


12' ".... I wanted to have that song (“In search for the peace of mind” ) on my 50th anniversary album ‘cause it marks my first note on an album, when I was 15 years old. On the Scorpions first album “Lonesome Crow” they never wrote songs by themselves! I was the writer! They didn’t know how to write songs! ... "

"My first note was on “In search for the peace of mind” and this title became the theme of my life! I wrote it all by myself in my mother’s kitchen there was nobody there! Then I saw on the credits they put both Michael Schenker and Rudolf Schenker, but Rudolf had zero knowledge of lyrics how could he be on the lyrics credits?"

"Rudolf used me as a tool! He wanted me to do for him! … They always forced me, I was always been used by them...because I was just a kid... "

As regards his memories from Greece and the Greek fans, M.Schenker commented:

31’ "The Scorpions invited me to play in Greece because I actually wrote the intro to “Holiday”… a 45’’ long part of the song. I was the writer but it nevers says that on the credits of the album. I don't know how many people know that. I was invited to play on their acoustic show in Greece but they just used my name, they wanted to sale out! The invited also Uli (Jon Roth) etc But I must say Greeks are a fantastic audience! I just feel disappointed on how I was used in Greece, because “Holiday” is such a big song there, but many people there dont know that I wrote the intro, they just use me to trick the people! I agreed, I did it, it was at a stadium , a fantastic concert, Greece is always a fantastic place to play!"