Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost) on RockOverdose: “Βeing in a band so long has helped keep in touch with my younger care-free self!

Chania Rock Festival welcomes PARADISE LOST as the headliners of the first day.

The British band returns to Chania, 15 years after its SOLD OUT performance at Chania Rock Festival. From their initial doom/death sound of "Gothic", to the monumental "Icon" and "Draconian times", from the more experimental "One second", to the electronic "Host" and from the crossover "Symbol of life" to the darkness of “In requiem” and the return to roots that they have attempted in recent years, PARADISE LOST surprise us, take risks, gain new fan-base and create albums that are benchmarks in the metal sound. 


Few days before their show mainman of the band Nick Holmes answers our questions and prepares us for their show at the island of Crete.

Don't miss the chance to experience a Paradise Lost show, on a wonderfull summer night under the stars of the greek sky.


Read below our friendly chat and be sure to get tickets:

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RockOverdose: You return to Chania, 15 years after your sold-out performance there. What are your memories from Crete and what have you prepared for this show?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): The show was great and we had a bit of a short holiday thrown in!


RockOverdose: You will be the headliners of the first day of Chania Rock Festival and also share the same stage with Geoff Tate and Sakis Tolis, among others. Would you like to make a comment on each one of them?


Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost)Paradise Lost: I saw Sakis and the Rotting Christ guys a few weeks ago. All nice guys, as is Mr Geoff Tate whom I met only once many years ago, but I have been a fan of him and Queensryche for decades.



RockOverdose: We know that you're good friends with Sakis and you've cooperate in the past. It would be great chance to see you perform "For a Voice Like Thunder", is there any chance to see that?


Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): Unfortunately we haven't had a rehersal, so its unlikley! but in the future who knows!



RockOverdose: Did you expected that the band will last so long when you first started?  You're one of the few bands that their line-up has remained stable for so many years. What's the secret of being together for so many decades? I'm sure there would be good and bad times but how you manage  overcome any difficulties?


Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): If you find something you have a passion for its a bonus if you can turn it into a career, and if you are lucky enough to turn it into a career, there can be ups and downs and your passions can be tested and real life often gets in the way, I think being in a band so long has helped keep in touch with my younger care free self, and I'm grateful for that in my twilight years, as many people dont have that priveledge.


RockOverdose: Recently you've announced that Guido Montanarini is an official member of the band. Why is the drummers position so hard to stay stable?


Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): They aren't really. Most have lasted around 6-8 years. Most bands don’t last that long!

RockOverdose: Paradise Lost have a very strong fanbase in Greece and it's always a pleasure to see your performance. Apart from Chania, the Greek audience will have the chance to see you also in December for the "Icon" album celebration. What do you remember from the albums recordings and making? Did you realized back then that it would be an iconic album of yours?


Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): I dont think we ever plan ahead beyond 2 years, We knew what we were doing was pretty original at the time I guess, but we were in the right place at the right time. much of life is based on luck, and the music business is no exception.


RockOverdose: Thank you very much for your time. Before we close please send a message to the people who will attend your show at Chania Rock Festival! Looking forward to see you soon! Take care!


Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): Thank you and we look forward to playing in Chania!