Psycho Choke – Comments About their new album:

Comments about Psycho Choke's new album: "Unraveling Chaos"

From Guitarist Gus G: “Psycho Choke is a band from my town and I've known them for many years. They always recorded quality music and play intense live shows. I was happy to jam on their new album and I wish them nothing but the best!”

From Jacob Hansen: "These guys are the bomb! Coming out of Greece, you might not expect international quality metal, but that is exactly what this lot delivers!"

From Seth Siro Anton: Psycho Choke predetermine the meaning of chaos and brutality. Through their new 2010 release ,they ruthlessly tear your soul apart with chaotic riffs and extreme sounds, gaining the title of the most qualitative band of Greece. Prepare your ears for an extreme episode of blasting music, through Psycho Choke’s best album ever made! An underground bomb ready to explode!!


From Guitarist Marios Iliopoulos: “ Psycho Choke are one of the best metal bands in Greece they have played for 10 years now and they have made great shows and create the best atmosphere on their live appearances, this albums reflects all the passion and the great energy of those guys and when they asked me to play a guest on their album, I didn’t have to think twice, rock on guys.”

From Olof Morck: I was unfamiliar with this band before they approached me and Marios, and I must say I was surprised I had not heard of them before! Great quality modern metal with their own thing going on, and it is an honour to be a small part of the album! I also had the pleasure if meeting the guys on our greek tour with Nightrage, great guys - I'll be looking forward to seeing them live in the future!