Rick Palmer (SUMA) on Rock Overdose: “We’ll be doing a European tour this fall”

We are very honored to present you the interview that Rick Palmer from SUMA gave to Rock Overdose and Konstantinos Sotirelis! Rick talked about the band's upcoming album, «The Order Of Things», their changes since 2010 and many more! Enjoy!



Rock Overdose: Hey guys, welcome to Rock Overdose!  So, how it’s going on Suma’s side these days?



Rick Palmer:  We're doing good, awaiting the release of our new album and getting ready to play some shows. We can't wait to unleash it and get out there.



Rock Overdose:  Your new album, “The Order of Things” is going to be released on October. Are you done with the recordings?


Rick Palmer: Yeah we got everything recorded. We did all the recording when we were in the studio with Billy Anderson in Portland this January. He then mixed it in between his other sessions this spring.



Rock Overdose: What problems did you face up during the writing and recording procedure?


Rick  Palmer: We didn't really face any problems. We had some extra logistics and equipment matters to take care of since we were going to record in the States, but that was no big woop. All worked out fine. We recorded at an awesome studio, The Hallowed Halls and had a great time hanging with Billy again and met both old and new friends. All win!



Rock Overdose: What does the title mean and why did you choose it?


Rick Palmer: It's the order of things. Everything, the inescapable insignificance of the human race in the context of time and the unfathomed forces of our mother earth. The name came up when recording "Ashes" and decided then and there that that will be the name of the next album.


Rock Overdose: Are there any differences from the previous albums?


Rick Palmer: We took a different approach to the writing of this album, but thinking of it we did that from "Let The Churches Burn" to "Ashes" too. It's a SUMA album.


Rock Overdose: You released an album teaser a few days ago. Do you plan to release any song of the new album before its official release?


  Rick Palmer: Yes, we'll be teasing you with at least one song before it's released.


Rock Overdose: I have to admit that the video of the teaser is really sick and annoying but at the same time it’s so fucking metal. Does this show anything about the music and the lyrics of the new album?


Rick Palmer: Thank you! We think that teaser sums up pretty much all aspects to the contents of The Order Of Things.



Rock Overdose: The titles of the tracks are really interesting. What are the lyric themes that you chose to write about in this album?


Rick Palmer: Mainly about the stupidity and complacent nature of the human race.



Rock Overdose: Do you plan to tour so as to promote the album?



Rick Palmer: We'll be doing a European tour this fall after the album is released and then we'll work on plans for next year's touring.



Rock Overdose: Your last album, “Ashes”, was released 6 years ago. Why did the new album take you so long to be ready? Was it a choice or there were some problems that played a significant role in this delay?


Rick Palmer: Since we released "Ashes" in 2010 there's been some changes and "things". Children entering our family, members pursuing their hearts' desires and our singer of ten years saying good bye. It did take some time, we can't deny that, six long years, but we're here, on this path. It's the order of things.


Rock Overdose: Now, after 6 years of the release of “Ashes”, how do you see this album? Would you change something?


Rick Palmer: We're very happy with everything that "Ashes" is and we wouldn't change a thing!



Rock Overdose: You have a show in Athens, Greece, on 17th of September. Do you like playing shows here?


Rick Palmer: We love playing in Athens! This will be our third time here and we couldn't be treated better, or in fact we've never been treated better. Elina and her Smoke The Fuzz crew are amazing and the line-up for her festival is so badass!!


Rock Overdose: What are Suma’s plans for the near future?


Rick Palmer: We'll be contributing a song for a Hammerhead homage LP, doing shows and touring, a split 7" on the horizon, we'll find out what happens when. But first, we hope to see you all on September 17th at the first of three Smoke The Fuzz Fests.


Rock Overdose: Thank you very much for this interview. The last words are yours.


Rick Palmer: Come on down!! Thanks.