Thomas Youngblood (KAMELOT) on Rock Overdose:”The upcoming album harkens back to ‘The Ghost Opera’ days a bit with Haven elements”.

KAMELOT. For many people the better power (and not only) metal band of our time.


Their music is a hybrid that combines melodic metal with progressive but also doom / gothic elements, offering a truly unique result.


Rock Overdose and Pavlos Giannakopoulos had the pleasure and honor to have a talk with the guitarist and founder of KAMELOT (Mister Mastermind) Thomas Youngblood about their upcoming concert in Athens Greece at the Gagarin live stage on November 10, about their new album,  and they discuss enough details about the creation of KAMELOT back in the mid-90s.


Let's see what he told us ...



Rock Overdose : Hello Thomas and welcome to Rock Overdose. First of all, let me express my honor for having this conversation with you.


Thomas Youngblood: Thanks for having me!



Rock Overdose: How are things going for Kamelot in 2017 ?


Thomas Youngblood:  Going great, we are working on the new album and doing some bittersweet final shows for the Haven tour. We visited nearly every country on this album, it has been an amazing 2+ years since the album came out.



Rock Overdose : When did you start and what made you to play music ?


Thomas Youngblood: I started roughly around the age of 15, so 5 years ago? Haha, Seriously though, it was something that really helped me because at 12-13 I lost my father. He was my only parent because my mom had many health issues. So I fell in love with metal and got lost in bands like the Scorpions, Ozzy, Maiden etc.



Rock Overdose : As a founder member can you tell us some words about Kamelot story ? How did you all met ?


Thomas Youngblood: Its been a long and really amazing journey but the time has flown by. I think that is why we still feel fresh and inspired. We all met through other bands, except Sean our bassist. We met through an audition in the local music magazine. He did play for a band called Bratz at the time but I didn’t know of them. They wore spandex, haha.



Rock Overdose : Which are your main influences as a band ?


Thomas Youngblood: Classical music, film score, new age, old school metal and rock. Really we have a lot of influences  and I think they shows in the diversity.



Rock Overdose : I “met” you the very first time on “Eternity” album, back in middle 90s and I was very surprised about your pure Heavy Power (and Epic those days) style. Which are your memories from those days at mid 90s?


Thomas Youngblood: Yes, I remember nearly everything. It’s a blessing and a curse sometimes. It was an exciting time because we had our first album and it was being heard around the world. The style in my opinion was very naïve and a bit unrefined but you could hear the genesis of what came after.



Rock Overdose: Kamelot released “Haven” album in 2015. What was the response for it? Were you fully satisfied with the result?


Thomas Youngblood: Yes and yes! The results really surpassed my hopes, but artistically and commercially. We had our first #1 Album on the Billboard Hard Rock charts. We charted higher than every in nearly all countries. And we have toured longer than ever on Haven, its been amazing and we are more inspired than ever.



Rock Overdose: To me “Haven” has different elements , like some industrial stuff. Do you agree?


Thomas Youngblood: Yes, there are some more modern elements. We evolve with each album and never rest on our laurels. Important for any artist.



Rock Overdose: Where did you get your inspiration for Haven?


Thomas Youngblood: I was and still am on a sci fi and future movie kick. Even as a kid I loved movies like Logans Run and Gattaca. I am really fascinated with what the world will be like in the future.



Rock Overdose: As the years go by I realize that your music it’s not only epic or symphonic or power or progressive. You have your own sound which is unique. Am I right?


Thomas Youngblood: Well the fans can answer that, but I hope we have our own sound and I think we have been able to achieve that. There is a blend of the chords and arrangements that are unique to Kamelot.



Rock Overdose: You have collaborated with different artists very often. How did you arrange that?


Thomas Youngblood: Usually they are friends or someone we are impressed with. On the new album I plan to have some new and amazing guests that I found via Facebook.



Rock Overdose: How is the writing for the new album going?


Thomas Youngblood: Going great, slow but really good. It harkens back to "The Ghost Opera" days a bit with Haven elements. I am excited!



Rock Overdose: Do you have ideas about a theme for the new album? A concept album or not?


Thomas Youngblood: Can’t say yet, that is a secret.



Rock Overdose: Can you tell us about Kamelot discography ? Which Kamelot album do you prefer most ?


Thomas Youngblood: That’s impossible, they are all my children.



Rock Overdose : How easy or difficult is for a Heavy Metal band to survive in the USA nowadays?


Thomas Youngblood: In the US we are doing fairly well. We are headlining shows and festivals so for us its been great. The market is different depending on what city you visit. Similar to Europe I suppose.



Rock Overdose: November 10th we will see you at Gagarin live stage in Athens almost ten years after you latest performance in Greece. Me personally can’t wait to see you once again on stage. What about you?


Thomas Youngblood: Yes, I have been wanting to come back with every album. We are excited to bring the Haven tour to Athens and also play some songs from Silverthorn and classic songs from the earlier albums. Get ready Athens!!



Rock Overdose: Thomas if you want just send a message to Kamelot’s Greek fans, especially to Kamelot Greece fan club.


Thomas Youngblood: Thanks for your support, thanks for being with us all these years and we will meet in person very soon!!




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Pavlos Giannakopoulos