Tom Angelripper (SODOM) on Rock Overdose: “We will try to release the next album at the end of 2019”

Sodom is one of the most historical thrash metal bands. They have contributed a lot to the scene and they are still alive, kicking some asses. Now, they are ready to release a new EP called "Partisan", while they have already announced a new, amazing line-up. Due to this, we are very honored to have mr. Tom Angelripper on Rock Overdose, answering the questions from Konstantinos Sotirelis.





Rock Overdose: Hello Mr. Angelripper, it’s good to have you back for an interview. How are you?


Tom: I am fine, but very busy at the time, thanx!



Rock Overdose: So, you’re having a new EP coming out on November 23rd. How do you feel and what should we expect from the new tracks?


Tom: These are the first own composed songs with the new line-up and I am very satisfied with the result. We want to offer the fans the new direction, the improved sound and songwriting and also to promote the upcoming Headbangers ball tour. It`s very important to me, that all the fans realize, that the band keep on going after the split with the ex-members.



Rock Overdose: How was the procedure of the writing and recording this EP? Did you change something due to the new members?


Tom: The song writing procedure doesn’t change. The guitarists came out with some riffs and ideas. Later we arranged the songs in the rehearsal room. I know, that is very old school, but the only way for each musician, to put his own ideas into. I always have a lot of ideas for lyrics and a couple of them are still written, just before we start write the music.



Rock Overdose: I’ve read on Blabbermouth that you fired the previous members through the WhatsApp, while they were working on some new material. Is that true? Why did you decide to do it like this, suddenly, without hearing what they’ve got?


Tom: Sometimes you have to react, without losing any time. But in the end we had different opinions about, how to keep the band going on. In the end it seems to me like rulebook slowdown, nut I expected more creativity and representation of the old, historical Sodom.



Rock Overdose: You’ve stated that you are a real family again, having a team spirit. Does it mean that with the previous line-up, things didn’t work so well the last years? Did you have problems on cooperating and writing new stuff with the other guys?


Tom: No, we produced a lot of wonderful albums and had a great time together on tour or in studios. Last year I came up with the idea to engage a second guitarist and to refresh the complete setlist. But Berni was not really interested in, to change anything and he told me, that he would never accept a second axeman by his side. So, there were a lot discussions about my ideas, but without any satisfying conclusions.



Rock Overdose: Well, the new line-up seems to be a well-oiled machine. Husky is an amazing drummer, Segatz a great guitarist, but the member that we all got excited, is Blackfire. How did this line-up came up, how did you approach the other guys and how was the conversation with mister Blackfire?


Tom: After splitting up with Berni and Makka I got in touch with  Blackfire to join the band. I knew that he have his own solo project and also playing with Assassin. He told me, that these bands are not so busy at the time and he will spend enough time to join the Sodom for upcoming rehearsal session and live show. That was amazing and it seems like a big chance for him to return into the international metal scene.



Rock Overdose: How do you feel about working again with Blackfire, after so many years?


Tom: Like sitting in a time machine. I was so glad, that he did not change his guitar sound all over the decades and the way he write songs. That’s so crazy. When we rehearsed “Nuclear winter”, “Sodomy & Lust”, “Christ Passion” for the first time, I was so astonished that the guitar sound is exactly the same like on “Persecution Mania” or “Agent Orange” album. Now, we are able to reproduce the songs in an original way during the live sets.



Rock Overdose: Also, you’re having a great tour along with Death Angel and our Greek thrash heroes, Suicidal Angels. What should the fans expect from this tour and how do you feel about touring with these guys?


Tom: That`s great. I love them all. This package is outstanding and a “must go” for every authentic thrasher.



Rock Overdose: What’s your opinion about Suicidal Angels? Do you know or/and like any other Greek bands?


Tom: I like Rotting Christ very much, but Suicidal Angels are great as well. A young band with old school attitudes and spirit. I think they fit this package very well.



Rock Overdose: It’s true that your relation with the Greek fans is great. You know that we love you and we know you love us, too. I don’t know a lot about Athens, but here in Thessaloniki you’ve lived great times with the fans and Vaggelis Kamaretsos, from Eightball. What are your memories from the previous shows?


Tom: We love the Greece fans and all the shows we`ve done is still a great remembrances to me. We always had a wonderful time and we felt like family members. The Greek fans are very enthusiastic and thankful.  They know how to live and to enjoy the metal music. I think in Greece metal is not just a temporary fashion, it is a lifestyle.



Rock Overdose: When should we expect to see you again in our country?


Tom: I hope that we will return next year. We are always waiting for offers and we can`t wait to come back



Rock Overdose: Are there any plans for a new full length album?


Tom: Yes, but we want to work it out without any time-pressure, so we don`t talk about a release date with the record company. But, if everything will be prepared we try to release in the end of 2019 or beginning of 2019. We`ll see.



Rock Overdose: Well, thank you very much for this interview, it was a huge honor for me. Thanks for releasing so great albums all these years! Please, close the interview as you wish.


Tom: Thanks for supporting us all over the decades and we hope to see you guys soon. Take care. You rule. Your friend Tom.




For Rock Overdose,


Konstantinos Sotirelis