Marky Ramone on Rock Overdose:” I have a lot of Ramones tapes that have not come out and probably will not”.

Rock Overdose and Zisis Petkanas had the pleasure to talk with Marky Ramone, in view of his forthcoming concerts in Greece (September 8th  Thessaloniki at Principal Club Theater, September 9th Volos at Lab Art, September 10th Athens at Piraeus 117 Academy),having the opportunity to ask him questions about everything.



Rock Overdose: Greetings Marky! We are truly glad to have you in Greece again, to say the least! What are your feelings?


Marky Ramone: Is always great to come back to Greece and see everybody. My fans, visit the cities , meeting with my all time promoters there –DiDi Music-… just less than a week to go, you better be ready shows are gonna be a blast.

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Rock Overdose: At any given chance, you go on tour, to preserve the Ramones brand. Do you think you have accomplished that?


Marky Ramone: I play the songs with a good band, tight show… Songs are too good not to be played.



Rock Overdose: Is there anything that you miss, regarding the Ramones era? Could you describe a few fun facts to us? Anything that wasn't caught on tape for the Ramones Raw.


Marky Ramone: I have a lot of tapes that have not come out and probably will not. Well obviously I miss their 4 but what can we do? Life goes on, we can not live from the past.

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Rock Overdose: What kind of music do you listen to, when you are on tour?


Marky Ramone: Quiet music, Jazz, Blues, some 50-60’S stuff.



Rock Overdose: Three years ago, Joey Ramone released an album, in which you participated as a drummer. Could you tell us about your memories of those recording sessions, now that Joey's health has deteriorated?


Marky Ramone: No I was not in that album I was in the first one. That second one were the outtakes from the original.

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Rock Overdose: If you could turn back time, what would you change regarding Marky, and what would you change, as far as the Ramones are concerned?


Marky Ramone: I would change anything, I did what I did, I had fun, low moments, I learned everything.  I’m in the hall of fame getting a Grammy, touring the world… why should I change anything?



Rock Overdose: As an accomplished musician, what piece of advice of advice would you offer to young musicians, trying to become great drummers?


Marky Ramone: Practice a lot, be original, keep studying. And very important, be healthy and stay away of drugs, alcohol…

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Rock Overdose: And, now, it's time we asked a difficult question... At this year's Wacken Open Air, Dio's gig featured the late Ronnie James Dio's hologram. What is your opinion on the matter? Is there any case you and C.J. would present something similar, using holograms of Joey and Johnny?


Marky Ramone: If Dio people are ok fine to me,  but Will never happen with me involved.



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Zisis Petkanas