Eduardo Lane (NERVOCHAOS) on Rock Overdose: “Every release we put out we want to overcome the previous one”

We are very happy to present you the interview that the Brazilian death metallers Nervochaos gave to Rock Overdose and to Konstantinos Sotirelis. The band's leader, Eduardo Lane, talked about the new album, "Nyctophilia", about their future plans, the line-up changes and many more. Enjoy!


Rock Overdose: Hello guys, welcome to Rock Overdose.  How it’s going to the band’s camp these days?

Eduardo: All great! We’re touring Brazil as we speak. It’s a 65 dates tour, in 10 weeks. It’s the biggest Brazilian tour a METAL band ever did and things are working out fine!


You released your new album called “Nyctophilia” two months ago. How do you feel about this release?

Eduardo: It feels great. We sold 1000 copies in two months and the feedback has been fantastic, from the fans and from the press. It’s our seventh full length CD and it has 13 new tracks. It was our first album that we’ve recorded outside Brazil.



Rock Overdose: In my opinion, this is your best album. Every time I hear it seems like it’s better than the previous time. But, what’s the feedback from the other fans and the press?

Eduardo: For sure it’s our best release so far, at least in my opinion. Every release we put out we want to overcome the previous one and I think we’ve managed to do it again. I love all our albums, each one is special and very important on it’s own way, but ‘Nyctophilia’ still fresh but it has been very welcomed by our fans and by the press in general.



Rock Overdose: In 2016, it was the band’s 20th anniversary and you celebrated it with a tour in South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Was it a good experience for you? What was the feedback on this tour?
Eduardo: Yes, last year we did a 100 gigs and it was an awesome experience to celebrate our 20th anniversary on the road. We also release a limited edition box and a 10” split EP. We’re a touring band and to be on the road is the best, and only, way to spread our music and reach our fans. It’s an awesome opportunity to built up a stronger and bigger fan base plus we got the chance to tour with awesome acts.


Rock Overdose: Before this tour, you had to change your line up. What happened?
Eduardo: Actually we had a big line-up change in 2015. First our guitarist decided to leave the band because of his family pressure and that’s when Cherry joined us. Then in the middle of that year, our vocalist/guitarist decided to quit and that’s when Lauro joined us. And in the end of 2015, we’ve fired the bass player and it’s when Thiago rejoined the band. In 2016 we had no line-up changes. We did some touring and focused on working on the new album.



Rock Overdose: Was it a difficult period for you and the band?
Eduardo: Line-up changes are always hard but most of the times necessary to keep the band health and following as it should. Being in a band is not for everyone and being in a touring band is even harder. But, I’m confident and hoping that this line-up sticks together for many years.



Rock Overdose: Was it easy to go on a big tour with new members and after that to write a new album?


Eduardo: Touring makes the band tight very fast and that’s a positive side of it. Also, we spend a lot of time together, so it helped us to compose and work on the new material. It was very natural and stressless to write the new album. The whole process (composing and recording) took us almost three months.



Rock Overdose: The band is 21years old now. Have you ever thought that this could happen? How do you feel about it?


Eduardo: Actually I never stopped to think about this, but looking back now it seems that time flew. I feel better than when we’ve started and I’m ready for at least more 20 years.



Rock Overdose: On May, you were on tour with Krisiun and you were arrested, I think in Bangladesh, because they accused you for Satanism. Can you describe us what happened and how did you finally leave from that place?
Eduardo: We were on tour with KRISIUN in Asia. We had a date/gig booked in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We got the visas, we got the flights, the fee payment and tickets were being sold, so we understood that everything was fine. When we arrived in Dhaka, we were detained and our passports confiscated. They wanted to arrest us and after more than 10 hours at the airport, the Brazilian embassy rescued us, took care of us and made sure we were able to leave that country the next day. It’s sad that such a dictatorship and censorship still exists in countries like Bangladesh. It was a  total lack of respect, a complete abuse of power by the local authorities and totally racist.




Rock Overdose: What are the band’s future touring plans? I think you’re coming back in Europe in a few months, right?
Eduardo: We did a Latin American tour with KRISIUN in March and an Asian tour with KRISIUN in May. Now during June, July and August we’re doing a Brazilian tour. In September, October and November we’ll be touring Europe. We will tour in support of our new album until late 2018.



Rock Overdose: Thank you very much for this interview. The last words are yours.
Eduardo:Thanks you for such an interesting interview. We really appreciate the support! Visit us at for more info. See you all on the road! For passion, not fashion!