ELEINE on Rock Overdose:”We are writing new material & we want to release a second album in the not too distant future”

We are very honored to present you the interview that Eleine, an alternative model and the singer of the band symphonic metal band Eleine, gave to Rock Overdose and to Konstantinos Sotirelis. Eleine, talked about the band's tour with Moonspell, their upcoming plans and their history so far. Enjoy!



Rock Overdose: How it’s going on the band’s side these days?
Eleine: It’s going very well! We’re looking forward to the tour.

Rock Overdose: You have a tour, in which you play some shows with Moonspell. How do you feel?
Eleine: We are so excited! Right now, it feels a bit unreal. I’ve have listened to Moonspell since I was a teenager, and I must say, their latest album is absolutely amazing. So this will definetly be an experience in life we never will forget. We’re grateful to Moonspell for believing in us.


Rock Overdose: You’re going to visit Greece in October. What should the Greek fans expect from your shows in our country?
Eleine: Eleine will seduce the audience and invite you all to our world.



Rock Overdose:  It’s been more than a year since you released your debut album, “Eleine”. What’s the feedback so far?
Eleine: The feedback has been wonderful. From the two biggest swedish metal magazines we received 7/10 and 8/10 and we couldn’t be happier about our first album.

Rock Overdose: A couple of months ago, you released a new single, named “Break Take Live”. Does this mean that you prepare for a second album? If yes, can you give us a few details?
Eleine: We are constantly writing new material and we really want to release a second album in the not too distant future. We’re not signed to a label at the moment, so we can’t answer which label will be releasing our next album.


Rock Overdose:  You are an alternative model, too. Is it easy to combine being singer in a band and being a model?


Eleine: Yes it’s easy! The only hard part is that sometimes I wish I had 72 hours per day instead of 24. Combining modeling and the music is perfect for me. When I write my part of the music, I always get pictures/movies in my head. I visualise everything and modeling helps me out a lot with inspiration and vice versa.


Rock Overdose: Why did you decide to start a band back in 2011 and how did the other members came out?


Eleine: I always wanted to have my own symphonic metal band, a unique symphonic metal band. I created the name back in 2011 and started modeling very shortly after. I started the project (music) with the CEO of the record label I was signed with at the time, but it didn’t really kick off until Rikard Ekberg (guitarist/vocals) joined. When the album was close to finished we started searching for a drummer, bass player and keyboardist. We found David Eriksson, Andreas Mårtensson and Sebastian Berglund who had been playing together for years already.



Rock Overdose: What are the band’s plans after the tour?
Eleine: We will continue to write music, and look for a new record label that might want to cooperate with us. And of course, continue to book shows for 2017! Do you have any awesome metal festivals in Greece? Let us know!

Rock Overdose: What are your dreams, expectations and goals with the band?
Eleine: We want to keep on growing, and touring all over the world. Meeting our lovely fans and giving them our show are our goals. You never feel more alive than when you are on stage, sweaty but happy to be sharing all of this with a big audience.
Rock Overdose: Thank you very much for this interview. The last words are yours.


Eleine: Thanks to our fans for being the best fans of all times. And Greece, we’re looking forward to meet you! We seriously can’t wait. See you soon.